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    Prototype Manufacturing - custom plastic molded part

    Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China

    Color:As your request

    Design software:Solidworks


    Delivery port:Shanghai/Ningbo

    Product name:custom plastic molded part

    We provide several different ways to make prototypes, functional or good looking, CNC or 3D printing, you will find what you need from here.


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Prototype manufacturing is a process where products are created in a simplified form to test the feasibility of their design. If successful, the product can be further developed with a more complete form. Prototypes can be used for testing new designs and manufacturing processes, as well as for product evaluation.


Plastic injection molding


Plastic products that are molded by injection molding or compression molding. Mold and plastic are two inseparable industries. Plastic products are basically made by molds. In the mold industry, plastic molds have the largest proportion. Now with the acceleration of the scale of enterprises, 70% of the mold companies have their own plastic parts processing, and 50% of the plastic parts processing companies have their own mold production or maintenance departments.


The mold and the plastic have been mixed together, so the mold The company naming itself XX Mould Factory may be understood as having no plastic parts processing business, and the plastic enterprise naming itself XX Plastic Factory may also be understood as having no mold processing business, so in the end there is only one word "molding" "To express, both specific and short.


Prototype manufacturing is a process that allows for the rapid production of prototypes. This process can be used to create products that are not yet market ready, or to test a new design before it is brought to market. By using prototypes, companies can save money and time, while ensuring that their products are of the highest quality.


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